Patient Testimonials

  • I have been working as a dental technician for the past 23 years. I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Fan Liu, who works at the Westhill Dental Clinic in Nanaimo, for about 7 years.

    I would like to recommend Dr. Fan Liu for many reasons. First of all, I would like to say that Dr. Liu is the best dentist for all patients. When he makes the impression of a patient’s teeth, he does so with great accuracy. As a technician, I can easily tell with magnifiers if a dentist has made accurate impressions of a patient’s mouth. With Dr. Liu’s impressions I have never seen a mistake in the past 7 years. Dr. Liu’s accuracy of the work makes me work with great ease. He does top quality preparation work on all his crown and bridge cases and that assists me in producing top quality crowns and bridges for his patients. Dr. Liu has saved so many badly decayed and broken teeth, even the most impossible cases with seemingly no hope, he has managed to save.

    I can say with absolute confidence that Dr. Liu puts a lot of time and effort in taking great care of his patient’s teeth. When he takes care of his patients, he is not just concerned with short term conditions, he wants to make sure that his patient’s teeth remain healthy in the future.

    Dr. Fan Liu really takes care of his patients with great accuracy and timeless care. I would never hesitate to recommend Dr. Liu to any patient.

    Sarah Choi

    Registered Dental Technician

  • About 5 years ago, I had a badly decayed back molar ache. I went to my family dentist who recommended that my back molar be removed due to most of the tooth structure being rotten away and a big ventricle fracture one side. He did not give me any options at that time – just to remove the tooth in question. I went to other dentists too, they also recommended extraction. It was a very important tooth, and I did not want to have the tooth removed, so I asked around, and a friend recommended Dr. Liu.

    Dr. Liu was so nice, patient and friendly. He said that he would like to save the tooth. The tooth needed a root canal and gum surgery. The tooth would need to then be built up, have precision-fitting cast post and core made, and finally, a crown should cover the tooth. After quite a few appointments during the next months, Dr. Liu tried so hard, and eventually the tooth was saved. I have been using the tooth for four and a half years and have no further discomfort at all.

    I understand that the dentist must have the skill to do the job, but he must also take the effort to do such a difficult job. In my case, Dr. Liu used skill and effort to make my not-so-much-left tooth stub become functional again. What a fantastic restoration! He is a really good and honest dentist. He also fixed another of my problem teeth with root canal and gum surgery too. Now, my whole family goes to see him all the way from Duncan.
    I highly recommend him to other patients.

    Mrs. B. Kitsch

    April 20, 2014

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